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The Translation Group of the of Special Information Service Departament of the National Information Center of Medical Sciences (CNICM-Infomed in Spanish) has developed the Project for the creation of the Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms in five languages (German, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish). The objective of the Project is to collect medical terms frequently used by translators, difficult-to-translate terms on account of their complexity and other terms that might cause confusion at the time of translating them. This glossary shows the definitions of terms in all the above-mentioned languages and represents an information resource not only for translators in the health care sector in Cuba but also for the users of our network. It is also a tool that makes the understanding of the scientific and medical literature easier.

This glossary was prepared in several stages: Internet-based reseach, collection of data on terms that translatiors had found in the course of many years of work, selection of four type-glossaries as a pattern for the information management and enrichment, translation of or search for terms in several languages by translators, and finally, the organization of the information to be put in the tool.

We also used the 257th edition of the German clinical dictionnary Pschyrembelde Gruyter with more than 2 000 medical terms, 2 339 figures and 268 tables for the translation of terms into German, to expand the definitions if required and to enter words which do not exist in other glossaries but are interesting because of their complexity.

The selection of terms for this glossary has not been reviewed by medical experts; however, it is the result of practical experience and of consultation of various glossaries. Their definitions have been searched in Wikipedia and other specialized medical sites.

Since this project deals with general medical terms, the inclusion of very specific terms of the different medical specialties has been avoided. The glossary will be steadily enriched with the cooperation of and the suggestions by users and translators of the Cuban health network

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